EPS model cutting by CNC


    In machinery industry, normally designer need to see the overall of product, they will need to create mock up sample for reviewing and discussing. They can cut from paper, carton, assembly by small wooden stick but it may take a long time to process. EPS mold is the better solution for molding.

    Once receiving inquiry from customer, our design team will make drawing 3D and 2D. Customer needs to give clear and specific direction as much as possible. Customer will check, comment and confirm drawing. Then CNC machine will be set up as confirm drawing. EPS block is put under CNC machine, engineer start CNC to cut the block as the set up shape. CNC will perform automatically until completing the set up program. The engineer will obsever whole the process to make sure there is no accident raise or take a quick action if any accidents occur. 

    The finish product is checked by an technician, we will check dimension, visual, and surface. 

    Why choose us?


    1. Can you make my design?

    Positively. Please send us your origin sample or 3D drawing.

    2. Do you send sample?
    We can provide 3D drawing for checking design.

    3. Which shipping mode is available?
    Sea shipment is welcome.

    4. How can you assure your quality?
    We have equipped the modern quality control system as well as our quality engineer always check step by step from mold ,production before shipment.

    5. How about your working flow?
    please send us your request (drawing, material, surface treatment...)or sample, our designer will on 3D drawing
    Once drawing is approved, we will make mold then delivery.
    Once mold is approved, we start mass production.

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